Welcome To The Turkey Zone

Wild_turkey_hunter We’ve rebuilt our website!

Welcome to the new Turkey Zone where we will be creating and adding new material for the avid and novice turkey hunter.

We realize that everyone starts their turkey hunting experience at different levels and with that in mind we offer something for everyone because, let’s be honest, we never quit learning. And with a teacher like the wild turkey making the rules we will always have room for improvement.

So let’s take a minute to run through some of the different sections of the site.

Wild_turkey Our learning areas and entertainment are contained in the top navigation of every page.

We offer Audio Files which consist of turkey calls in both an mp3 or wav format. You can listen to these files by simply clicking on the link or you can download them if you like. They’re a great way to learn different calls and brush-up on your calling techniques.

You might also be interested in our Turkey Hunting Tips. We have written several dozen quick tips that pertain to many turkey hunting scenarios and are aimed at helping you become a more effective turkey hunter.

And for the successful hunter we have included some tested Turkey Cooking Tips to go with our great selection of delicious Turkey Recipes that are sure to become your favorites.

Eastern_Wild_Turkey And of course there is the turkey hunting gear!

To complete our site we’ve built a shopping area consisting of the most popular turkey hunting gear. You can find everything from turkey calls to turkey mounting kits and decoys.

We update the product inventory often especially during the spring and fall when the season for hunting this crafty bird is in full swing.

From start to finish we offer everything you need to get started in your turkey hunting endeavors or to upgrade your current gear. So when we see you walking from the woods we’re hoping you have a nice big gobbler tagged and ready for the wall or the oven.

And don’t forget to check our Turkey Hunting News in the sidebar of the site. Our news is provided by our network partner at Outdoor News Daily and contains state-specific news on season openers and hunting regulation changes.